What my students say

Here is a selection my students' comments about my teaching.  Full comments and quantitative summaries of student responses are available on request.


"Danny is an amazing tutor - so helpful, so thoughtful, great feedback, knowledgeable.  He has so many strenghts.  He is really supportive and offers extremely helpful ideas." - Senior History & Literature thesis-writer

"Danny was a great professor who clearly is incredibly knowledgeable about everything that he teaches.  I truly enjoyed each and every class with him." - History at the Movies, Spring 2015

"Danny is fantastic - he really cares about his students and was extremely helpful to me not only with regard to the assignments, but also to chatting outside of class" - History at the Movies, Spring 2015

"A very enjoyable and engaging course.  Professor encouraged students to engage deeply with material, and be participatory in class.  The seminar provided great dialogue amongst students, and the professor really encouraged us to explore our own thoughts rather than lecturing [...].  One of the better classes I've taken." - The End of Christendom?, Spring 2013

"Professor Loss was great!  The course was one of the best I've taken so far at Wheaton College.  His enthusiasm for the material was evident and he challenged us to move beyond historical generalizations to formulate our own opinions based off of accurate primary and secondary sources." - The End of Christendom?, Spring 2013

"Mr. Loss was very approachable and kind.  He has a delicate grace not seen in teachers - he is in charge, but he still allows the students to run the discussions.  He does not trample anyone's thoughts or opinions, but instead encourages the students to expand on their theories. [...] He is very dedicated, both to the material and to the students, and I think he is an amazing teacher." - History at the Movies, Summer 2012

"He was friendly, thought-provoking, and engaging.  Seriously, the course would not have been nearly as interesting had he not been so knowledgeable and passionate about the course material." - History at the Movies, Summer 2013

"I absolutely loved this course!  The material was stimulating and interesting.  What I think I like best about the class was that it was student driven [...] I cannot possibly think of anything I didn't like about it.  It was one of the best experiences I've ever had in a classroom." - History at the Movies, Summer 2012

"Mr. Loss was able to facilitate a discussion, ask thought-provoking questions and allowed room for people to elaborate without being too pushy.  He acted as an extremely well-informed observer [rather] than a domineering figure, and I think that allowed a lot of students to be braver than they would've been in a different classroom setting." - History at the Movies, Summer 2012